Winteq Customer Case Study

This is a case study for Winteq customer E.J. Bartells:

  1. Their legacy system was a character-based ERP running under Linux.
  2. Legacy system was a paper-driven solution with green-bar dot-matrix printers.
  3. Data repository was a flat file based system, with high possibility of data corruption.
  4. Data backup was done on magnetic tapes; and there was no viable disaster recovery.
  1. Winteq Enterprise software replaced this customer's legacy system.
  2. Enterprise included intuitive Windows based software for order processing, inventory control, and invoicing.
  3. Picking, receiving, and inventory control functions were done on real-time using RF bar-code scanning/printing.
  4. Data repository was Microsoft SQL Server database with disaster recovery backups in the cloud.


Core Features

  • Order Entry and Processing
  • Report Generation and Printing
  • Cycle Counting & Physical Inventory
  • Pallet Exchange and Management
  • System Administration
  • Receiving to Dock and Pallet Label Printing
  • Putaway from Dock (Creates inventory)
  • Inventory Control and Warehouse Management
  • Appointments and Yard/Dock Management
  • Order Picking, Staging, Loading, and Shipping

Services and Support

  • Requirements Study
  • Hardware Specification
  • Project Implementation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Technical User Training
  • Full System Documentation
  • Upgrades via Maintenance and Support
  • Phone and on-site support