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Winteq was founded in 1997. Winteq has extensive experience in Warehouse Management and Financial Accounting Software development. Our Software Enginnering development utilizes C++ Programming Language and Microsoft SQL Server database. We also have extensive experience in Systems Engineering, Project Management, and Software Project Implementations. Our experiences have provided us with the knowledge of what works and does not work. Our “Enterprise” software was designed and developed based on this experience and technical knowledge. The simplicity, power, and user friendliness of “Enterprise” is un-matched in the industry. Winteq believes in a Win-Win philosophy of partnering with the customer. Winteq will not perform work if it does not result in a Win-Win for both customer and Winteq. Winteq’s commitment to customer is absolute. For more information view "Product" and "Service" links at www.winteq.com and/or send email to sales@winteq.com

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